Use of Application Insights


Install Application Insights in your app, set up availability web tests, and:

  • Set up a dashboard for your team room to keep an eye on load, responsiveness, and the performance of your dependencies, page loads, and AJAX calls.
  • Discover which are the slowest and most failing requests.
  • Watch Live Stream when you deploy a new release, to know immediately about any degradation.

Detect, Diagnose

When you receive an alert or discover a problem:

  • Assess how many users are affected.
  • Correlate failures with exceptions, dependency calls and traces.
  • Examine profiler, snapshots, stack dumps, and trace logs.

Build, Measure, Learn

Measure the effectiveness of each new feature that you deploy.

  • Plan to measure how customers use new UX or business features.
  • Write custom telemetry into your code.
  • Base the next development cycle on hard evidence from your telemetry.
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