Steps to Import WPF controls into MFC Application

Step 1: Create an MFC Project Open Visual studio Go to Files -> New -> Project Expand Other Project Types from Recent Templates from left panel and select Visual C++ Select MFC Application from the available projects list from Middle panel. Give a Project Name, Select the Path and Click OK – Application Wizard opens Click Next for the first screen and Select Dialog based radio button in the secomd screen (Application Type screen) Click Finish – This creates an MFC Application with Header file, Resource files and Source files Step 2: Change the default Configuration of the MFC Project to … Click here to continue…..

WPF Interview Questions

Question: What is the base class in WPF (Not .net framework base class)? DispatherObject DependencyObject UIElement Visual Answer: Base class is DispatcherObject. This class is used to provide Thread Affinity features of the WPF controls and Thread affinity needed to overcome the complex global locking mechanism. Question: Which Layout in WPF is most performant? Grid Canvas StackPanel All of the above Answer: Canvas , since we already know the position where to place the control  so position calculation in layout phases are not required. Question: In Layout phase of WPF, how many passes of Logical Tree happened? 1 2 0 … Click here to continue…..