Difference between Metro style apps and traditional Windows programs

The new Metro Style Apps and traditional Windows applications differ in a number of ways. Some of them are explained below: New Metro Style Apps have a different look and user experience. They have borderless windows, with no option to resize or close. To close a Metro App, all you have to do is swipe from top to bottom or switch over to another app. The traditional Windows program have minimize, maximize, resize and close options. Metro Apps are optimized for touch operations but can work well with other types of inputs like keyboard, mouse etc as well. Regular Windows … Click here to continue…..

Metro Apps and Windows Architecture

Metro Style apps can be developed for the following architectures: x86 x64 ARM Out of the above three, both x86 and x64 architectures support both Metro apps and traditional Windows programs. However, the Windows 8 on ARM will support only Metro Style Apps. The traditional Windows applications will not run on ARM architecture. If you are looking for true cross-Windows deployment, you may want to choose Metro apps instead of traditional Windows programming. The best part of Metro Style Apps is, your apps can run on various Windows based devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, ARM devices etc. Deploying same app for various … Click here to continue…..

Characteristics and Features of Metro Style Apps

Some of the characteristics and features of the Windows 8 Metro Style Apps are explained below: A Metro Style App is a new type of Windows application that work on Windows 8 (and future operating systems) A Metro App occupies the full screen and has no borders and no minimize, maximize, close buttons. Typically, a Metro App always has a single window and no additional dialogs or popups Metro Apps are touch friendly and have large buttons and tiles for easy access with touch. Metro Apps are represented by Tiles in the Windows Metro Start screen. Even when the application … Click here to continue…..

What are the tools required to develop Windows 8 Metro Style Apps?

Metro Style Apps are the new form of Apps, designed for Touch based computing devices like Tablet PCs. If you are an App developer who develop apps for various platforms like Windows, Android or iOS, you may want to try your hands on Windows 8 Metro Apps. Microsoft expects majority of the future Windows apps to be developed as Metro Apps. Tools for developing Windows 8 Metro Apps To start developing Windows 8 Metro Style Apps, you need a few tools and utilities. The first tool you need to develop Metro Apps is, Windows 8 itself. To develop and test Metro … Click here to continue…..

Programming languages and technologies to develop Windows 8 Metro Apps

You can use the following development environments and technologies to develop Windows Metro style apps: Web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript Using native C++ .NET programming languages like C# and Visual Basic If you are interested in developing simple web based Metro Apps, you can go for the HTML5 and CSS3 option. Remember, the Metro Apps run on Windows Metro interface and they are not really web applications, even though it allow you to use HTML 5 as the programming language. If you are a hard core develop and want to develop strong, business intensive applications, you may go … Click here to continue…..