What is different on Windows 8

Legacy software written for Windows 7 and prior targeted the traditional Windows API, often referred to as Win32. They resulting apps would be a combination of an executable, assets and libraries. The Windows 8 operating system introduces a new type of application, called a Windows Store app. The new architecture is called Windows Runtime, or WinRT for short. Windows Store apps are written exclusively against this new WinRT architecture. Windows 7 and prior only had one mode of interacting with software, launching the application’s executable from the desktop or file path. Windows 8 now defaults to a Windows Runtime start … Click here to continue…..

Limitations of Mobile Application Development

An mobile device is not a desktop or laptop computer, and a mobile application is not the same as a desktop application. Although these seem merely common-sense statements, it is nonetheless paramount to keep them in mind as you embark on developing software for these devices. Designing software for mobile devices requires a state of mind that may or may not be second nature to you. In particular, if the bulk of your experience lies in developing desktop applications, you should be aware of the significant differences between designing software for a mobile device and for a computer. This section … Click here to continue…..

How to share files between Android and Windows using Dropbox

Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive allow users the freedom to easily share files between their Android smartphone and Windows PC, all without the need for a USB cable. Dropbox in Android doesn’t automatically sync all of the files in its appointed folder as it does in Windows but users can download files from its app to the mobile phone or tablet’s local storage. According to PC World, users can also upload files to Dropbox via ‘upload here’ option on the app’s pull-down menu. The cloud storage service can also be used to automatically send photos from … Click here to continue…..

How to check performance of Windows 8.1 PC

Windows Experience Index Benchmark tool measures a PC’s performance in terms of its processor, memory, graphics, gaming graphics and hard disk, but finding it in Microsoft’s latest Windows 8.1 OS is a little tricky but still available. The tool has been around since Microsoft first introduced Windows Vista and although, it is not an accurate measure of PC performance, it can still be useful to identity a hardware deficiency. According to Cnet, Microsoft has removed the graphical interface to the Windows Experience Index from Windows 8.1, however, users can search for its through command prompt by typing ‘winsat preop’ that … Click here to continue…..