Testing or QA – which one to follow?

The reality is, most of the customers are not aware of the QA process. Rather, they want to make sure that the software is tested well for defects. Due to this reason, majority of the small companies do not care much about the QA Process. Rather, they will use their testing team to test the software. The development team will develop the software by following whatever process they like (or, without following any specific process) and the testing team is responsible to find the bugs ! The QA process involves lot of time throughout various stages of the project. It … Click here to continue…..

Difference between Software Testing & QA

Different people use different terms to represent their software testing process. Some people call it as “QA” (Quality Analysis), some call it as “software testing” while others represent it with a more formal term called “SQA” (Software Quality Analysis). All of the above terms represent more or less the same concept – “ensure that the software does not have any defects” ! “Software testing” simply means testing the software to find and report defects (bugs). “Software Quality Analysis” (SQA or QA) is an engineering and monitoring process where they make sure the software development team follows the proper process to … Click here to continue…..

Build your career in Software Testing

Software Testing is an engineering field with lot of potential for building a career in Information Technology. The benefits of switching to software testing career: Stay in touch with software development process. Salary and benefits same as software development. Opportunity to get familiar with all latest computer technologies. Less tension and risks compared to software development. You know in advance what you have to do. Unexpected work is very minimal during software testing process and this will give you much more sleep than a developer. If you find several problems with the software during final testing, it is the developers … Click here to continue…..

What is NUnit?

NUnit is an automated unit testing framework for .NET NUnit is free to use with your .NET projects. NUnit is ported from another product called JUnit, which is a unit testing framework for Java applications. NUnit provides a class library which includes some classes and methods to help you write test scripts. NUnit provides graphical user interface application to execute all the test scripts and show the result as a success/failure report (instead of message boxes from the test script). NUnit is the most popular unit testing framework for .net applications. NUnit does not create any test scripts by itself. … Click here to continue…..