What is the difference between constants and read-only variables that are used in programs?

Constants perform the same tasks as read-only variables with some differences. The differences between constants and read-only are Constants: Constants are dealt with at compile-time. Constants supports value-type variables. Constants should be used when it is very unlikely that the value will ever change. Read-only: Read-only variables are evaluated at runtime. Read-only variables can hold reference type variables. Read-only variables should be used when run-time calculation is required.

What is a data type? How many types of data types are there in .NET ?

A data type is a data storage format that can contain a specific type or range of values. Whenever you declare variables, each variable must be assigned a specific data type. Some common data types include integers, floating point, characters, and strings. The following are the two types of data types available in .NET: Value type – Refers to the data type that contains the data. In other words, the exact value or the data is directly stored in this data type. It means that when you assign a value type variable to another variable, then it copies the value … Click here to continue…..

Define variable and constant.

A variable can be defined as a meaningful name that is given to a data storage location in the computer memory that contains a value. Every variable associated with a data type determines what type of value can be stored in the variable, for example an integer, such as 100, a decimal, such as 30.05, or a character, such as ‘A’. You can declare variables by using the following syntax: <Data_type> <variable_name> ; A constant is similar to a variable except that the value, which you assign to a constant, cannot be changed, as in case of a variable. Constants … Click here to continue…..

What is Source Control?

Source Control Systems are software that are used to track changes to source code files and also to safely store source code. When you start a new project, where do you keep the source code? If you are a beginner programmer, you may simply create a folder in your computer and start creating and modifying files. After you spend lot of time on one project, you will realise the need for a backup. So, you may make a copy of your project and save into another location in your computer. Over a period of time, you may find that something … Click here to continue…..

Difference between VSS and VSTS Team Foundation

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 product-line offers two choices for software change management: 1. Visual SourceSafe 2005 2. Team Foundation (TF). Visual SourceSafe is a source control tool for professional software developers. Team Foundation is a change management system that provides integrated source control, issue tracking, and process management for development teams. File Storage VSS stores the file data as files within the file system. Team Foundation stores the files as data within SQL Server database. It uses stored procedures for efficient storage and retrieval of files. A transaction with SQL Server can be rolled back in case of a … Click here to continue…..