Limitations of Mobile Application Development

An mobile device is not a desktop or laptop computer, and a mobile application is not the same as a desktop application. Although these seem merely common-sense statements, it is nonetheless paramount to keep them in mind as you embark on developing software for these devices. Designing software for mobile devices requires a state of mind that may or may not be second nature to you. In particular, if the bulk of your experience lies in developing desktop applications, you should be aware of the significant differences between designing software for a mobile device and for a computer. This section … Click here to continue…..

Success Behind Mobile Web Apps

This post focuses on building a successful mobile web apps. In this post we will examine the defining characteristics of a modern mobile web app. These characteristics are born of best practices and provide a useful framework upon which you may plan and design the features of your own app. Mobile web apps should be Lightweight and responsive Designed to suit each device’s capabilities and constraints Include a rich, platform-agnostic user interface Built with forward-thinking practices Lightweight and responsive Mobile devices may be more powerful than the computers we owned in 1995, but they remain quite constrained compared to the … Click here to continue…..