How can we host a Silverlight Application?

When you create a Silverlight project, it asks you to create a Web Application project. This project is responsible for hosting your XAP file. Generally Silverlight application doesn’t require any server to host it to run, but if you are planning to host it in web you must need a web server for that. Once you publish your Web Application to host in IIS, you may need to add three MIME types in your IIS Server. This is require to host it in earlier versions of IIS. Latest version of IIS comes with that configuration by default. Followings are the … Click here to continue…..

What is Web Gardening? How would using it affect a design?

The Web Garden Model: The Web garden model is configurable through the section of the machine.config file. Notice that the section is the only configuration section that cannot be placed in an application-specific web.config file. This means that the Web garden mode applies to all applications running on the machine. However, by using the node in the machine.config source, you can adapt machine-wide settings on a per-application basis. Two attributes in the section affect the Web garden model. They are webGarden and cpuMask. The webGarden attribute takes a Boolean value that indicates whether or not multiple worker processes (one per … Click here to continue…..

Can we handle the error and redirect to some pages using web.config?

Yes, we can do this, but to handle errors, we must know the error codes; only then we can take the user to a proper error message page, else it may confuse the user. CustomErrors Configuration section in web.config file:

If mode is set to Off, custom error messages will be disabled. Users will receive detailed exception error messages. If mode is set to On, custom error messages will be enabled. If mode is set to RemoteOnly, then users will receive custom errors, but users accessing the site locally will receive detailed error messages. Add an < error > … Click here to continue…..

What is a Web Server?

A Web server is a software program which serves web pages to web users (browsers). A web server delivers requested web pages to users who enter the URL in a web browser. Every computer on the Internet that contains a web site must have a web server program. The computer in which a web server program runs is also usually called a “web server”. So, the term “web server” is used to represent both the server program and the computer in which the server program runs. Characteristics of web servers A web server computer is just like any other computer. … Click here to continue…..