Popular source control systems

Visual Source Safe (VSS) : VSS is one of the widely used source control systems. This is a Microsoft product and is available as part of the Visual Studio products. Most of the .NET developers use this tool for the source control. Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) : Visual Studio Team System is a new product from Microsoft. This product has several other features buil into it in addition to the source control system. In next few years, most of the .NET developers might switch to this product and abandon VSS! PVCS : PVCS® Version Manager™, leveraging version control technology, organizes, manages and … Click here to continue…..

Purpose of Source Control Systems

Source control systems can be used to solve all of the issues discussed in the previous chapter. Keep backup of your source code or documents. Maintain all versions of your files so that you can retrieve any of the old versions of the file easily without searching all over your hard drive. Track which person changed what and when. Control who changes the file to avoid more than one person changing the file at the same time. At any point of time, any of the team members can get the latest version of all files from one single location, without … Click here to continue…..

What is inside a project?

Since ASP.NET 2.0 does not have the concept of “projects”, the below section is applicable only for non-website applications. As we mentioned earlier, a project contains a set of related files. How does project look like outside Visual Studio? In simple words, a project is an xml file. When you create a project using Visual Studio or VWD, it creates an XML file. The project file contains some information like version number etc and the list of all files part of the project. You can use notepad or any other text editor to open the project file and view the … Click here to continue…..