Why we use comments in C# code

Comments in coding plays a vital role when we work in a team or individual. Now we will get to know why to use comments while coding and how its help us. Now We will discuss about the benefits of comments in C# Normally, when we were were fresher in IT industry, completing the task given to us by our seniors or deeds which we used to set to do in particular day or duration. So during the phase when we were coding the steps and methods output we and God know, but after some weeks or month that codes … Click here to continue…..

Introduction to Visual Source Safe

Visual Source Safe, generally called as ‘VSS’, is the source control system from Microsoft. This tool was originally developed by another company and later taken over by Microsoft. Microsoft recently developed a team collaboration tool called “Visual Studio Team System” (VSTS). This tool allows source control management and several other software development management tools. Microsoft will be promoting VSTS in future instead of VSS. However, next few years, VSS will still be the most popular source control system due to it’s easy to use user interface, simple configurations and availability of experienced users. Visual Source Safe is available as part … Click here to continue…..

Integrating source control with Visual Studio

Most of the popular source control systems can be integrated with Visual Studio. This means you will never have to open the source control client software to checkin or checkout files. Instead, you can do it from the Visual Studio itself. When you start changing a file in Visual Studio, it will automatically checkout the file and copy the latest version to your folder. Depending on your settings, it may or may not prompt you before you checkout a file through Visual Studio. Also, after you have completed all the changes you want to do, you can checkin the file … Click here to continue…..

Version control and file history

One of the primary advantages of using a source control system is maintaining versions nd tracking changes. Everytime you checkin a file to the source control, it will create a new version of the file. If you right click on anyfile and select ‘View History’, it will display all versions numbers of the file and also show details like who checked in that version and when was it checked in. You can select any of the versions in the history and view that version of that file. This will help you to easily revert to an old version of the … Click here to continue…..

How to cheat source control?

There is no way a source control system can stop you from editing a file that is in your computer. Only thing the source control can do is, make the file readonly to remind you to checked out the file. You can always go to the windows explorer and change the ‘Readonly’ attribute of the file. This will allow you to edit the file! But not that by doing this, you are cheating the source control. You cannot checkin the file you changed (since you have not checked out the file). If you somehow manage to checkin the file to … Click here to continue…..