How to build a web site using VWD ?

When you use VWD or Visual Studio to build an application – it is just one button click. There are couple of ways you can do this in VWD: Click on the shortcut toolbar for Build Use the menu option

Use the keyboard shortcut

When you use any of the above options to build a solution, Visual Studio does the following: Identifies all the files part of the project. Checks for compilation errors for each file in the solution. Older versions of ASP.NET projects used to compile all the source files into an assembly and put them into … Click here to continue…..

How to BUILD a project using Visual Studio

You may have multiple files in one project. Before you ship the application to customer/end user, you must compile them into binary executable. You will not give the source files to the end user. Only the binary executable is required to run the application. The process of compiling source files into binary executable is called “Build” VWD and VS.NET comes with a handy feature to compile and organize all source files. This process is usually referred to as “build” process. Before you can run a web site or windows application, you must build the project – which means that you … Click here to continue…..