What is full & Partial Assembly References?

Full Assembly reference: A full assembly reference includes the assembly’s text name, version, culture, and public key token (if the assembly has a strong name). A full assembly reference is required if you reference any assembly that is part of the common language runtime or any assembly located in the global assembly cache. Partial Assembly reference: We can dynamically reference an assembly by providing only partial information, such as specifying only the assembly name. When you specify a partial assembly reference, the runtime looks for the assembly only in the application directory. We can make partial references to an assembly … Click here to continue…..

What is DLL Hell?

DLL hell means deploying the same DLL in your application multiple times.DLL Hell can be overcome by versioning, i e; suppose u install some DLL for the first time, it will be V1.0, again if u install the same , this time it will be V2.0, we can differentiate the DLL by its version and depending on our requirement, we can load the respective DLL into our application.