Difference between Dataset and Datareader?

Data Set is a connection-less service and Data reader is a connection oriented service. Dataset is used to store the data, it contains collections of Datatable. Datareader is used to connect to the database for retrieving data. Data Reader – Forward only where as Dataset – Can loop through dataset. Data Reader – Connected Recordset where as DataSet – Disconnected Recordset Data Reader – Less Memory Occupying where as DataSet – It occupies more memory Data Reader – Only Single Table can be used where as Dataset – Datatable Concept allows data to be stored in multiple tables. Data Reader … Click here to continue…..

How to import data from excel file into dataset and then SQL db?

Which namespace is used by ADO.NET?

The System.Data namespace consists mostly of the classes that constitute the ADO.NET architecture. The ADO.NET architecture enables you to build components that efficiently manage data from multiple data sources. In a disconnected scenario (such as the Internet), ADO.NET provides the tools to request, update, and reconcile data in multiple tier systems. The ADO.NET architecture is also implemented in client applications, such as Windows Forms, or HTML pages created by ASP.NET.

How does we get records from 5 to 15 from a dataset of 100 records?

this will return the 10 rows of the result set. In the above code “student” is the name of the stored procedure.