What is RDBMS?

Relational Data Base Management Systems (RDBMS) are database management systems that maintain data records and indices in tables. Relationships  may be created and maintained across and among the data and tables. In a  relational database, relationships between data items are expressed by  means of tables. Inter-dependencies among these tables are expressed by  data values rather than by pointers. This allows a high degree of data  independence. An RDBMS has the capability to recombine the data items  from different files, providing powerful tools for data usage.

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  1. Rajveer Singh says:

    Perfect definition of rdbms….

  2. geekdave says:

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  3. vaibhav says:

    nice def

  4. Nazeera Aafrin says:

    I like d way of explanation about rdbms… Thanks a lot…

  5. aman kumar says:

    short and perfect explanation !thanks

  6. Rajkumar says:

    I want the c,c++ basic concepts that can understand my mind in easy way…..I come across many books but they give brief note about it…but kindly provide me short and simple to understand to my mind.

  7. minnie says:

    I wanted some unique definition about RDBMS. This post helped me. ..”Short and to-the-point”.. TIP-TOP answer. thank uh very much…

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