What is the difference between WCF Service and Web Service?

WCF Service supports both http and tcp protocol while webservice supports only http protocol. WCF Service is more flexible than web service. Web services can only be invoked by HTTP (traditional webservice with .asmx). While WCF Service or a WCF component can be invoked by any protocol (like http, tcp etc.) and any transport type. Second web services are not flexible. However, WCF Services are flexible. If you make a new version of the service then you need to just expose a new end. Therefore, services are agile and which is a very practical approach looking at the current business … Click here to continue…..

What is virtual class and friend class?

Friend classes are used when two or more classes are designed to work together and need access to each other’s implementation in ways that the rest of the world shouldn’t be allowed to have. In other words, they help keep private things private. For instance, it may be desirable for class Database Cursor to have more privilege to the internals of class Database than main() has.

What is FullTrust? Do GAC’ed assemblies have FullTrust?

Before the .NET Framework existed, Windows had two levels of trust for downloaded code. This old model was a binary trust model. You only had two choices: Full Trust, and No Trust. The code could either do anything you could do, or it wouldn’t run at all. The permission sets in .NET include FullTrust, SkipVerification, Execution, Nothing, LocalIntranet, Internet and Everything. Full Trust Grants unrestricted permissions to system resources. Fully trusted code run by a normal, nonprivileged user cannot do administrative tasks, but can access any resources the user can access, and do anything the user can do. From a … Click here to continue…..

How to earn money online (Except Google adsence)

Clicksor Clicksor will pays up to 60% of the advertising clicks revenues generated from a user’s website. Contextual Advertising Technology by Clicksor allows the user’s visitors to enjoy his/her website’s contents and bring generous earnings to the user at the same time. As an affiliate, Clicksor passes its profits along to the user by paying up to 60% of the advertising clicks revenues generated from the user’s website. Clicksor provides online real time stats and a fortnightly payment schedule. In any pay period in which the user’s earnings exceed $50.00, payments are made either by check or instantly through PayPal. … Click here to continue…..

Can we handle the error and redirect to some pages using web.config?

Yes, we can do this, but to handle errors, we must know the error codes; only then we can take the user to a proper error message page, else it may confuse the user. CustomErrors Configuration section in web.config file:

If mode is set to Off, custom error messages will be disabled. Users will receive detailed exception error messages. If mode is set to On, custom error messages will be enabled. If mode is set to RemoteOnly, then users will receive custom errors, but users accessing the site locally will receive detailed error messages. Add an < error > … Click here to continue…..