Exam 70-583 : Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications Part – 5

Question: Which of the following rightly explains Crash dumps

  1. Crash dumps logs information about Windows Azure application in event the application crashes
  2. Crash dumps logs information about Operating system in event of system crash
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Crash dumps logs information about either Windows Azure application or Operating System based on what is configured

Correct Answer: 2

Question: Your Windows Azure application uses a native code library. By mistake while deploying you forgot to add this library to your deployment. What exception will the application throw to you in this case?

  1. FileNotFoundException
  2. BadImageException
  3. InvalidOperationException
  4. EntityNotfoundException

Correct Answer: 2

Question: Azure Queue messages should be limited to a size

  1. 4 KB
  2. 8 KB
  3. 16 KB
  4. 32 KB
  5. 64 KB

Correct Answer: 2

Question: Which system function is NOT supported by SQL Azure?

  5. @@ERROR

Correct Answer: 3

Question: After how many days of ubsubscribing from SQL Azure account the database gets deleted?

  1. The database gets deleted instantaneously
  2. Database gets deleted after 90 days
  3. Database gets deleted after 120 days
  4. Database never gets deleted

Correct Answer: 2

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