Exam 70-583 : Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications Part – 1

Question: How can you persist state of a Windows Azure storage services?

  1. Using VM role
  2. Using Blobs alone
  3. Using Blobs and Drives
  4. Using Blobs , Drives and VM role

Correct Answer: 3

Question: The table storage of windows azure storage service supports data access via

  2. ADO.NET data services API
  3. Both
  4. None

Correct Answer: 3

Question: When you query a blob how are they returned?

  1. Randomly
  2. Alphabetically from uppercase to lowercase
  3. Alphabetically from lowercase to uppercase
  4. Date of creation

Correct Answer: 2

Question: If you want to know the current state of locking in SQL Azure which DMV should you use?

  1. sys.dm_tran_locks
  2. sys.dm_tran_active_snapshot_database_transactions
  3. sys.dm_tran_active_transactions
  4. sys.dm_tran_active_session_transactions

Correct Answer: 1

Question: The SQL Azure ALTER DATABASE command only allows three options to be specified, namely

  1. name, maximum size, and type
  2. name, maximum size, and edition
  3. name, type, and edition
  4. maximum size, type, edition
  5. name, location and maximum size

Correct Answer: 2

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