Differences between Agile and traditional SDLC

The figure “Agile and traditional SDLC” points out some of the main differences. If you have worked on both these, you can point out more differences.

  • Lengthy requirement documents are now simple and short user stories.
  • Estimation unit man days and man hours are now ideal days and ideal hours, respectively.
  • In the traditional approach, we freeze the requirement and complete the full design and then start coding. But in Agile, we design task wise. So the developer designs just before he starts a task.
  • In traditional SDLC, we always hear ‘After signoff nothing can be changed’; in Agile, we work for the customer, so we accept changes.
  • Unit test plans are written after coding or during coding in traditional SDLC. In Agile, we write unit test plans before writing the code.

Agile and traditional SDLC

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