Characteristics and Features of Metro Style Apps

Some of the characteristics and features of the Windows 8 Metro Style Apps are explained below:

  • A Metro Style App is a new type of Windows application that work on Windows 8 (and future operating systems)
  • A Metro App occupies the full screen and has no borders and no minimize, maximize, close buttons.
  • Typically, a Metro App always has a single window and no additional dialogs or popups
  • Metro Apps are touch friendly and have large buttons and tiles for easy access with touch.
  • Metro Apps are represented by Tiles in the Windows Metro Start screen. Even when the application is not running, it can interact with the Tile and provide updates to the user with minimal battery power.
  • Metro Apps respond to various touch gestures
  • Metro Apps respond to various inputs like touch, mouse, keyboard, pen etc.
  • Metro Apps can communicate with other Metro Apps and share content.
  • Metro Apps use an “App Bar”, which is hidden in normal view but can be activated by swiping on the app window. Metro App can add controls and command buttons to the app bar, which allow users to control the app.
  • Metro Apps have access to “Charms Bar”, which allow it to interact with the Windows in a consistent manner with other apps. For example, the app can respond to a “Search” task in the charms bar and provide search results from its application data.
  • Metro Apps can be developed using one of many languages including Javascript, VB.NET, C#, C++ etc.
  • Metro Apps can be purchased from Windows App Store
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