What is a Metro Style App?

Metro style apps are the new type of applications that work with Windows 8 (and future operating systems from Microsoft). Metro style apps function similar to the traditional Windows apps in terms of end user experience. However, there are significant difference in the way they are developed since the way Metro apps interact with Windows OS and other apps are different from traditional apps. Metro style apps are represented by “Tiles” in the Windows metro start screen. You can launch the app by clicking the Tile on the Windows. There is no explicit “Close” for a Metro app. Instead, when … Click here to continue…..

What is different on Windows 8

Legacy software written for Windows 7 and prior targeted the traditional Windows API, often referred to as Win32. They resulting apps would be a combination of an executable, assets and libraries. The Windows 8 operating system introduces a new type of application, called a Windows Store app. The new architecture is called Windows Runtime, or WinRT for short. Windows Store apps are written exclusively against this new WinRT architecture. Windows 7 and prior only had one mode of interacting with software, launching the application’s executable from the desktop or file path. Windows 8 now defaults to a Windows Runtime start … Click here to continue…..