How to use watermark property on password textbox in a web-page?

Here I am giving you an example where you can see that watermark property works fine with required field validator in Asp.Net. This whole process can be done by using simple jQuery tricks. In my concept we have 2 textboxes and one of them is

and another textbox is

At the initial time of page load “txtPassword” taxtbox has “display;none” property. and its hide and show will be maintained by jQuery function. Example : use this code in aspx page:

javascript code at the end on the page:

and this jQuery function is use for watermark … Click here to continue…..

How to use CustomValidator in aspx page?

The CustomValidator control allows you to write a method to handle the validation of the value entered in aspx page and you can use this in this way:

What’s the difference between Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock and Page.RegisterStartupScript?

RegisterClientScriptBlock is for returning blocks of client-side script containing functions. RegisterStartupScript is for returning blocks of client-script not packaged in functions-in other words, code that’s to execute when the page is loaded. The latter positions script blocks near the end of the document so elements on the page that the script interacts are loaded before the script runs.

Open a new Tab/Window by using Response.Redirect and it open in new web page

Here I am going to explain how to open new tab/window on Button click using A week ago, i have to implement that code. I have option to use java-script to open new tab. But I have to insert or update some database entry. Yeah i know that there is another way to use client-script in code behind to achieve this. But in its simplest form, following code open new tab/window.


How to JSON Serialization and Deserialization in ASP.NET

JSON is one kind of data format which is designer for running JavaScript on website. At present, JSON is widely used in web. This article focuses on JSON Serialization and Deserialization in ASP.NET, including the brief introduction of JSON, how to serialize and deserialize with ASP.NET and operation on date, assembly, dictionary. 1. JSON Brief Introduction JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is one ligthweight data exchange format. JSON is “name/value” assembly. Its structure is made up with {}, [], comma, colon and double quotation marks. And it includes the following data types: Object, Number, Boolean, String, Array, NULL. JSON has three … Click here to continue…..