How Source Control Systems work?

A Source Control System is a software used to track file changes. Below are the steps required to use Source Control Systems: Install a source control server software in one of the secure servers in your office. Create a new database in the source control server. This database will keep all files for your project. Create users in source control for each member in your team. Install source control client software in each member’s machines. Connect the client software to the server software. Start using the source control system by adding files to the server using the client software. Typically, … Click here to continue…..

Source Control Server and Client

All source control systems come with 2 applications – server and client. Source Control Server is a software that really does the software tracking and storage of files. You must install the server software in a secure computer in your office. This will be the machine where the files and multiple versions of them are stored. So it is important that this machine is protected from direct access of any of the members in your team. All files will be stored and retrieved to this machine using the Source Control client software. Each member of the team should install the … Click here to continue…..

Popular source control systems

Visual Source Safe (VSS) : VSS is one of the widely used source control systems. This is a Microsoft product and is available as part of the Visual Studio products. Most of the .NET developers use this tool for the source control. Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) : Visual Studio Team System is a new product from Microsoft. This product has several other features buil into it in addition to the source control system. In next few years, most of the .NET developers might switch to this product and abandon VSS! PVCS : PVCS® Version Manager™, leveraging version control technology, organizes, manages and … Click here to continue…..

What is VSTS ?

VSTS stands for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System . “Visual Studio Team System” represents extended versions of Visual Studio .NET. It includes a set of collaboration and development tools for software development process. “Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition” is part of all Visual Studio team editions. In addition, the team system editions include several development and collaboration tools. Microsoft has introduced separate editions of Team System for various role members of the team. Each one of the below flavours have specialized tools for the corresponding roles: Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for … Click here to continue…..

How many projects I need for my application?

Ideally, all softwares need one project which will be part of one solution. If you are developing a small application, just create a new project and you are ready to proceed. However, large softwares will need several projects. All web pages will be organized into one project. All the business layer classes will be another project and data layer classes will be a different projects. Some of the utility classes may be organized into another project. Typically, a large software may have 10 to 20 projects part of the solution. Large softwares may even have several solutions.