Integrating source control with Visual Studio

Most of the popular source control systems can be integrated with Visual Studio. This means you will never have to open the source control client software to checkin or checkout files. Instead, you can do it from the Visual Studio itself. When you start changing a file in Visual Studio, it will automatically checkout the file and copy the latest version to your folder. Depending on your settings, it may or may not prompt you before you checkout a file through Visual Studio. Also, after you have completed all the changes you want to do, you can checkin the file … Click here to continue…..

Version control and file history

One of the primary advantages of using a source control system is maintaining versions nd tracking changes. Everytime you checkin a file to the source control, it will create a new version of the file. If you right click on anyfile and select ‘View History’, it will display all versions numbers of the file and also show details like who checked in that version and when was it checked in. You can select any of the versions in the history and view that version of that file. This will help you to easily revert to an old version of the … Click here to continue…..

How to cheat source control?

There is no way a source control system can stop you from editing a file that is in your computer. Only thing the source control can do is, make the file readonly to remind you to checked out the file. You can always go to the windows explorer and change the ‘Readonly’ attribute of the file. This will allow you to edit the file! But not that by doing this, you are cheating the source control. You cannot checkin the file you changed (since you have not checked out the file). If you somehow manage to checkin the file to … Click here to continue…..

Source Control Checkout process

If you want to edit a file that is checked in to source control, you must go to source control system and “checkout” the file. All you have to do is, right click on appropriate file in the source control explorer and select “Checkout File”. The source control system will remember the folder structure you specified and copy the latest version of the file to the appropriate folder. When you checkout a file from Source Control, it will copy the latest version of that file into your computer. This will overwrite your copy of that file. So, if you have … Click here to continue…..

Source Control Checkin process

When any person create a new file in the project, he will add it to the Source Control System in the correspoding to folder. This process is called “Checkin”. Most of the source control systems provide a windows explorer like user interface. You can checkin files in different ways: Drag and drop files from windows explorer to appropriate folder in source control explorer. Go to appropriate folder in source control system, right click on the folder name and select ‘Add Files’. This will launch a file browser which will allow you to select files. Integrate with Visual Studio – most … Click here to continue…..