NULL value in database?

Imagine that we have a database and one table. Stored procedure returns 3 columns of table: ID, name, value. Name and value can be a null in database. How to map or represent such values in .net code? When I map a null value to a string or double variable I get an error. I have heard that one of solutions can be converting and representing db.null as a minimum value of used type. Is it a good technique? And what in situation when I need the entire values variable can represent from minimum to maximum? If you have NULL … Click here to continue…..

Advantages of Using Windows Server 2008 R2

The database platform is intimately related to the operating system. Because of this relationship, Microsoft has designed Windows Server 2008 R2 to provide a solid IT foundation for business-critical applications such as SQL Server 2008 R2. The combination of the two products produces an impressive package. With these two products, an organization can achieve maximum performance, scalability, reliability, and availability, while at the same time reducing the total cost of ownership associated with its database platform. It is a best practice to leverage Windows Server 2008 R2 as the underlying operating system when deploying SQL Server 2008 R2 because the … Click here to continue…..

How to count all rows in a particular database in SQL Server?

There are many ways to find out of this result, here we mentioned 2 best methods among them. First of all you run this query for fetching all table names and using these table names you can make a query for fetching all rows count of a particular database.

by using this you can generate some queries for fetching rows count of every table, copy its result and paste on query editor window and then you can use a simple trick to add all table’s rows count like this…

by using this method you will find all database’s … Click here to continue…..