Build your career in Software Testing

Software Testing is an engineering field with lot of potential for building a career in Information Technology. The benefits of switching to software testing career:

  1. Stay in touch with software development process.
  2. Salary and benefits same as software development.
  3. Opportunity to get familiar with all latest computer technologies.
  4. Less tension and risks compared to software development. You know in advance what you have to do. Unexpected work is very minimal during software testing process and this will give you much more sleep than a developer. If you find several problems with the software during final testing, it is the developers who are going to lose sleep, not you!
  5. Software development methodoligies, platforms and technologies keep changing very fast while software quality engineering process is pretty much stable. Once you learn the process, you have the opportunity to apply your knowledge for several years.
  6. High job security – Some companies reduce the development team size after the core development is over. They may retain only few developers for bug fixing. But the Test Engineers will continue to have job until the software is finally released.
  7. Increasing job opportunities – Quality control and testing is becoming more important in software development process. This gives more job opportunities and increased salary for Test Engineers.
  8. Flexible options – some Test Engineers prefer to testing the software while others can go to very advanced levels (writing script/code for automated software testing). This will give an opportunity smart test engineers to grow as much as they want. You can apply your programming skills to develop automated test programs.
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