what do you mean by coverage and what are the different types of coverage techniques?

Coverage is a measure used in software testing to describe to the degree to which the source code is tested. There are three basic types of the coverage techniques as shown in the below figure:- Statement coverage: – This coverage ensures that each line of source code has been executed and tested. Decision coverage: – This coverage ensures that every decision (true/ false) in the source code has been executed and tested. Path coverage: – In this coverage we ensure that every possible route through a given part of code is executed and tested. Coverage techniques

Can you explain regression testing and confirmation testing?

Regression testing is meant for regression defects. Regression defects are defects due to which the functionality which was working first normally has stopped working. This is probably because of changes made in the program or the environment. To uncover such kind of defect regression testing is conducted. Below figure shows the clear explanation and difference between regression and confirmation testing. If we fix a defect in an existing application we use confirmation testing to test if the defect is removed. It’s very much possible because of this defect or changes to the application it can affect other sections of the application. So to ensure that no other … Click here to continue…..

What’s the difference between Inspections and Walkthroughs?

As said in the previous sections the difference between validation and verification is that in validation we actually execute the application, while in verification we do review without actually running the application. Verifications are basically of two main types Walk-through and Inspection. Walkthrough is an informal way of verification. For instance you can call your colleague and do an informal walkthrough to just check if the documentation and coding is proper. Inspection is a formal procedure and official. For instance in your organization you can have an official body which approves design documents for any project. Every project in your organization need to go through an inspection which … Click here to continue…..

Can you explain requirement traceability and its importance?

In most organization testing only starts after executio n / coding phase of the project. But if the organization wants to really benefit from testing, then testers should get involved right from the requirement phase. If the tester is getting involved right from the requirement phase then requirement traceabil ity is one of the important reports which can give what kind of test coverage the test cases have . Below is the figure which shows how we can measure the coverage using the requirement traceability matrix. We have extracted the important functionality from the requirement document and aligned the same on the left hand side of … Click here to continue…..