Introduction to the Windows Azure

Developers can use the cloud to deploy and run applications and to store data. On-premises applications can still use cloud–based resources. For example, an application located on an on-premises server, a rich client that runs on a desktop computer, or one that runs on a mobile device can use storage that is located on the cloud. Windows Azure abstracts hardware resources through virtualization. Each application that is deployed to Windows Azure runs on one or more Virtual Machines (VMs). These deployed applications behave as though they were on a dedicated computer, although they might share physical resources such as disk … Click here to continue…..

What is MVC?

MVC is an architectural pattern which separates the representation and the user interaction. It’s divided in to three broader sections, “Model”, “View” and “Controller”. Below is how each one of them handles the task. The “View” is responsible for look and feel. “Model” represents the real world object and provides data to the “View”. The “Controller” is responsible to take the end user request and load the appropriate “Model” and “View”.

How to Install SSH on Your Jailbroken iOS Device?

Once you have jailbroken your iPhone, installing a Secure Shell will allow you to access your iPhone’s Unix environment and easily copy files to and from the phone over a WiFi connection. Using SSH requires that your iPhone be connected to the same WiFi network as your desktop machine. If you don’t have access to a WiFi network, you’ll need to use a tool such as iNdependence to install applications on your iPhone instead, so you can skip this section. You might, however, consider installing MobileTerminal, a free terminal program for the iPhone. This will at least allow you to … Click here to continue…..

How to Downgrading iPhone Software?

iTunes sports a feature that allows users to downgrade their software, so if you wind up with an iPhone running software that hasn’t had a jailbreak written for it yet, you can usually downgrade to the latest breakable version. The instructions here have been tested with iTunes up to version 7.5. It’s possible that newer versions of iTunes may remove or change this feature, but so far, there have been no signs from Apple that this will happen. In the event that it does, running an older version of iTunes might work. To downgrade the iPhone’s software, you’ll first need … Click here to continue…..

How you jailbreak our iPhone?

It depends largely on what version of the software you are running. There is a lag time of a few weeks between new iPhone software releases and public hacks to jailbreak them. Small changes are generally introduced in new versions to make breaking into it a little bit harder each time. The good news is that once a new jailbreak has been written, all of the free tools available are updated to make it possible for just about anyone to go through the process. There are many free tools available to jailbreak the iPhone, some more reliable than others. The … Click here to continue…..